A new decline is expected for Aud/Usd, in fact in the last sessions the price stabilized between 78.6% and 100% of the Fibonacci retracement. Speaking about the price it was between the support at 0.675 and the resistance at 0.705. Throughout the summer it should continue to lateralize in this channel as, fundamentally, both the Australian central bank and the FED will not distort their monetary policies.

At this time, however, investors and analysts are expecting a slight change from Powell. He should cut rates in the July meeting: the market has already discounted this news, causing a retracement of dollar against the other majors. For now we expect a maintenance of this level, with the dollar that should find the necessary strength to reach the main short-term supports against other currencies. Technically, on this pair the price should go back to testing the static support at 0.675. This before the monthly closing in June.

Because the new decline for Aud/Usd the mid term targets are the two very short-term supports. The first in the area of ​​0.69 and the second at 0.686. A possible stop loss could be in the area of 0.706.

A new decline for Aud/Usd

The main target of this pair

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