Eur/Usd: ready for the bounce.

The price touched the support area set at 1.112 with a post-conference Draghi spike. Causing the stop loss closing on our trade. After it return immediately to the closing level of yesterday’s session .

Technically, this pair is in a stalemate taking the last six months as a time reference. In fact, the trend has no longer taken a specific direction, continuing to move between the support at 1,112 and the resistance at 1,144. If a time frame of a year and a half is taken into consideration the direction of EURUSD tends to fall. And now we do not see changes of scenery. For the next year and a half we expect the main trend to be maintained and that as final target the area of ​​1.08 / 1.06 can be reached. This with minor cycles which could also lead to significant bounces.

A new cycle should start with the next FED meeting at the end of July. Despite the spike a few hours ago that caused a false break in the support area, we expect a drop in the US currency for the rest of the summer. The objective is the upward break in the resistance zone at 1,144. The maximum extension of this first mini-cycle could be around 1,158. This level is identified by the EMA200 weekly which acts as a dynamic resistance of extreme importance for the short term.

Fundamental Analysis

At a fundamental level, the scenario that is taking shape is the following. Draghi stated that expectations on future rates are not the best. In fact, it expects that rates could remain unchanged (or even cut) for at least another year. In addition we could see a second edition of quantitative easing. The government bond purchase program, is being studied in Frankfurt.

These statements, once implemented, will negatively weigh for the Euro, which will devalue against the other majors. So for the next year and a half, as we said, we expect a continuation of the main trend on this pair. On the other hand, however, on the Fed side, the devaluation of its currency should, make EURUSD carry out this bullish mini-cycle. The market and investors expect at least two cuts of a quarter of a point by the end of the year.

To summarize

We expect a climb in the very short/short term. Eur/Usd is ready for the bounce and we recommend repositioning long with the final target of the 1,158 (intermediate targets 1,132; 1,144). Stop at 1.103

Eur/Usd: ready for the bounce

Eur/Usd: ready for the bounce