Dear Crypto enthusiasts,
today I will talk about a project that I’m following closely since its creation: EVERIPEDIA.

Yes, you’re probably imagining correctly, we are talking about encyclopedia on blockchain.


Everipedia’s Network is the world’s first Encyclopedia that allows anyone to become a stakeholder in the system and earn rank, rewards & tokens for curating content. Four bullet points that will make you understand why this could be a game changer.

  • DECENTRALIZED: Articles are fetched using IPFS and EOS Storage
  • DEMOCRATIC:       Proof of Stake (PoS) model allows for voting to change and upgrade the IQ network as it grows.
  • CENSORSHIP:         Live and permanent edits of content on the blockchain beyond the control of a central authority.
  • INCENTIVE:             All holders of IQ are incentivized to create quality, neutral content and to build the reputation of the network.

But we are not talking about vision only, as EVERIPEDIA is already online, and the network produces hundred of contents daily.

We are not talking about a kid’s joke, as the co-founder of Wikipedia Larry Sanger is the chief information officer of Everipedia.



Let’s talk about popularity instead, looking at their page views:

everipedia statistics

Thanks to worthofweb, we can see that their activity is already present online, with millions view daily.

How much do you think their company will value, if their users start to grow, and go mainstream?

As of today, it is valued €13.000.000.
If it seems much, take a look at the valuation of Wikipedia of $6.600.000.000 in 2013!
“They looked at what other sites that get similar traffic are worth, how much people would be willing to pay for Wikipedia if it weren’t free, and how much it would cost to replace the site. In the end, Band and Gerafi conclude that the website is worth “tens of billions of dollars” and has a replacement cost of $6.6 billion dollars.”

Everipedia price


Their IQ token’s value is really low, as the token is not yet mainstream. Same thing for the volume, but it seems that it’s heating up: Bitfinex is not listing random tokens after all..

If Everipedia continues the good job they are doing, we will probably see at least a 10x increase in the following years.

Of course, the risk is really high as the company is still little and in the early stages.


This is not investment advice: do your own research, there is value here.