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One of the most popular expert advisors in 2018! No need to look for results, since this Ea trades in many live accounts already.


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The Piphiker EA can be described as a grid strategy. However it has a hedge script implemented which protect your account from big market waves. Hedging means the EA goes long and short at the same pair at the same time. The EA uses the one minute time frame and can trade multiple currency pairs. As indicators it triggers trades if the RSI and MACD rules apply. The most used currency pairs are EUR.USD – AUD.NZD – GBP.JPY. Preferably is to pick pairs that are uncorrelated.  Per $1,500 you can trade one pair and it is recommended to start with at least two pairs.

In case a trend keeps going strongly for 500 pips or more without any correction this EA can experience some Drawdown. Of course this totally depends on your account size.  Changing pairs or simply adding additional funds are the common ways to overcome this issue. The fact that this EA trades the moment you switch it on and that it’s not spread sensitive makes it one of the most popular expert advisors in the market.


Account size $1500-$3000
Drawdown 10-20%
Monthly gain 5-10%
Strategy type Grid


Name Piphiker
Type Grid and Hedging
Monthly gain 5-10%
Strategy type Scalping
Leverage 1:400 or higher
Time frame M1
Lot size from 0.01
Stop loss Yes
Trailing stop No
Min account size $1500
Indicators Yes
Demo testing Yes
Projected annual profit 100%
Projected max DD 15-20%