The price of the NIKKEI is above the key resistance formed by the two EMAs (20 and 200 periods) daily and by 38.2% of the Fibonacci retracement. With this weekly closing above 22070 points, it is very likely that the price goes directly to the target. The next is in the area about  22900 points. Coinciding with 23.6% of the Fibonacci retracement.

This level will be very important from now to the next few weeks. In fact, if it is reached, it will be a watershed between a continuation of this short-term uptrend with the absolute maximum goals, or a rejection which will cause a retracement of over 1300 points.

Basically, it seems that the first hypothesis is the most probable. The Bank of Japan kept its monetary policy unchanged (it confirmed the deposit rate at -0.1% and the Japanese government bond yield target of 10 years around zero) and has committed to keeping interest rates very low at least until the spring of 2020. The BoJ also announced its new inflation forecasts. Noting that the 2% target will not be reached before 2022, despite years of ultra-accommodating monetary policy. This will keep the Japanese index stable. It should maintain a lateral/bullish trend in the short and medium therm.